How to send payments with Zelle – Bank of the West

To get started underpayments select cell accept the terms and conditions

and choose the account you want to use with self if you want to send $25 to Lisa for babysitting clicksend select Lisa’s name from your contact list

or at her into the Emmaus a note and click set Lisa will receive a message letting her know that your payment is on the way if Lisa is already enrolled with zelle the funds will be deposited right into her account if not she will get easy steps on how to sign up

You can also request money from Bob for his share of the rent selects request by Bob’s name entered the amount and Bob will receive a message that you have requested money from him.

So you need to split the cost of concert tickets with a group of friends select split.

Choose Or add one or more contacts..

And then select enter the amount and the amount will be split evenly or you can adjust individual amounts.

Look all done and a message will be sent immediately 

Just login or tell mode or mobile banking app from your phone’s app store to get started.

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