Want to know how to fix bad credit?

Bad credit! Do you currently have bad credit are you looking to rebuild or fix your credit?

I’m gonna talk to you about two steps that you can implement right now that will help you go from having bad credit to having fair credit and eventually good credit. 

0kay so having bad credit is something that I’m all too familiar with; you see most people think that having bad credit probably has something to do with the person being irresponsible when that’s not quite the case at all.

For example you can have a situation in your life that you need money for and you don’t have the money in your bank account currently but you do have this wonderful tool called a credit card. 

So you use the credit card and of course that’s how you kind of get in a pickle and you’re basically before you know it you end up only thousands of dollars and you can’t pay it back. 

So that’s how you can end up having bad credit I mean anything can happen at any moment and put you in a situation where you probably have to use your credit card.

Because you don’t have the available cash. So that’s how some people get in trouble with bad credit or that’s how some people get to have bad credit.

For me back when I was in college I had a credit card and I had a $12,000 credit limit on that credit card not sure how the heck I was able to get a $12,000 credit limit.

But I do know that the credit card companies are smart and they were marketing college students and they were like let’s give him a twelve thousand limit and so I was like cool this is kind of nice.

And I started off being responsible at first but you know there were the occasional times that I purchased things that I totally did not need. I wasn’t fixing my car I wasn’t getting a tire. 

I was buying clothes or I was buying a Playstation 4 which was my very first game console that I ever owned.

So what I’m gonna do? right now is I’m gonna jump on my computer and kind of show you one option that you had in regards to going from bad credit to fair credit. These credit cards are going to be high interest they’re gonna probably have an annual fee.

But you can just get started and that’s the purpose of these cards. 

I’m gonna go on over to wallethub.com and show you the credit cards that’s available to you if you currently have bad credit.

Okay so I’m over at wallethub.com

bad credit
bad credit

to have a look at unsecured credit cards for bad credit. As you can see it says that at the top of the screen and so right here as you can see it says best unsecured credit cards for bad credit.

Credit one Platinum visa for rebuilding credit, Total Visa credit card, Official NASCAR credit card from credit one bank, Indigo MasterCard for less than perfect credit, Milestone MasterCard bad credit considered, Fingerhut credit account.

I would not advise that one. So let’s just scroll on down here and have a look at this.

So as you can see here it says credit one bank Platinum visa for rebuilding credit and over here it says minimum credit bad. So this is pretty good it says one-time fees none. Then they go with the regular APR which is between 19.99 to 25.99 variable. Then of course it says annual fee between zero dollars and ninety nine dollars. There’s no monthly fee that’s good and they do offer you the ability to earn some cash back. That’s not insanely important but it’s an it’s there if you want that. So that’s pretty okay that’s the first one here on this particular website. As you can see there are 7,711 reviews for that one. So that one’s probably not bad.

The next one is the first access Visa credit card,

of course there’s a one-time fee eighty nine bucks. There’s an annual fee seventy five dollars the first year forty eight the second year. Im not really into that.

So that you can come to the website and have a look at these credit cards yourself. The next one is the indigo MasterCard, of course minimum credit score is bad credit. The next one is a total Visa credit card, the next one is milestone MasterCard.

The next one is the official NASCAR credit card from credit one bank. This was not bad there is an annual fee here.

I’m not sure if you want to do that but there is also the ability to earn some reward between one to two percent cashback. So that’s kind of cool if you’re interested in that, the next one is a surge MasterCard credit card.

So the last one is the First Premier Bank MasterCard credit card.

This one quite a bit of fees as you can see there’s a one-time fee of $95. Then there’s an annual fee. this one I wouldn’t necessarily recommend.