Capital One Venture VS Barclaycard Arrival Plus

So first we are going to look at the sign up bonus now the Capital One Venture Card currently has a 75,000 point sign up bonus when you spend $5,000 in the first three months.

Barclaycard arrival plus has a 70,000 points on a bonus when you spend $5,000 in the first three months and birthday sign up bonus is a relatively new. I wonder whether they just sort of like trying to compete with each other and the Barclay was like. I thought this was kind of like if we do it at 75 it just looks like we’re copying you so we’ll do 70 and we got to save 5000 miles in the process. 

Since the Capital One venture sign up bonus is slightly high we’re going to say at one point so it’s 1 points to the Capital One Venture and 0 point Barclaycard arrival.

Now let’s look at the annual feet so both of these cards I would call tf3 cards in mi5ta credit card rating system and it’s not like an official thing or whatever but it just kind of gives you an idea at the level these cards are at and for the credit score you would need to apply for them and the 30th 3 cuz typically have annual fees of around $100 in these two cards and no exceptions.

Capital One venture has an annual fee of $95 and its way for the first year which is common for tier three chords and the barclaycard arrival plus has an annual fee of $89 and so $6 less than a Capital One Venture and it is also waived for the first year so if this since it’s $6 left on the arrival plus.

So for the Capital One Venture it to my clients to miles on all purchases and then there was one bonus category which is and you get 10 points the dog 10 Mi at and they’ve got this deal going with hotels don’t come up here until January 2020 so it may end then will they mixed and I don’t know I’m maxed and it’s like the Aloha but at least another year they have to still ranked so this bonus category hotels back on everything.

Barclaycard arrival plus is also two points the door on Old purchases but unfortunately that isn’t actually a bonus category however they do give you a little bit of a bonus when you redeem your mouth you have to get 5% of your miles back which to me kind of seems like a little bit of a joke cuz 5% isn’t very much like if you were deemed 10,000 miles you got 500 back to put towards your next trip it’s really nothing.

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