What is a CD (Certificate of Deposit)? Capital One

CD stands for certificate of deposit when you put money into this type of bank account you’re telling the bank that you promise to let them hold on to your cash.

Reset amount of time this amount of time is known as a CD term your bank may offer a range of term commonly between year and 5 years.

You can pick whatever works best for your niece because you’re letting the bank keep your cash for the length of time that shows you usually get a higher savings rates in a standard savings account.

What do you put some money into a CD and agreed to let it grow untouched for 3 years during that time you’ll celebrate three birthdays enjoy 1095 sunset what’s your bucket list.

All my gear money is working hard for you.

At the end of this city term you can spend the money on something you’ve always were get back into another CD back and relax money grows.

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