How to dispute a credit card charge?

In the past it was simple to keep your identity protected from thieves and con artists. Today however it’s shockingly coming to wake up and find that your social and banking accounts have been hacked

into by a stranger trying to pass themselves off as you when it comes to phony credit card charges.

it’s even easier for thieves to steal your information and start racking up debt on your card. Sometimes it can even happen within your own family to a credit card by co-signing he thought there was no harm in it.

when a father gave his 21 year old son access

his son would be able to establish a credit score without dealing with the pitfalls of traditional credit card ownership.

But when the man’s son was influenced by his girlfriend to buy an all-inclusive Caribbean vacation. The father called the card company right away to dispute it.

While he was totally in the right he had to fight a hard battle to get the charges cancelled.

if you think this can’t happen to you think again whether you’re a celebrity like Jennifer Lawrence or a giant corporation like target you’re always one careless mistake away from losing your identity.

Through phony card charges and hacked pass codes.

So how do you keep yourself protected?

Now on if you need to dispute a charge and protects your credit.

Here’s what you should do?

Number 1

Shut down your card thankfully tons of banks are on the lookout for fraudulent activity on their cards.

Which means that your banking app will potentially contact you. if a purchase is out of state or seems fishy however if you’ve spotted the problem yourself.

The first thing you need to do is shut down your card and contact the merchants in question maps allow you to freeze.

Your card automatically while others will make you cool the card company.

first whatever your situation you need to make sure that whoever has stolen. your info is cut off immediately. 

Don’t make the same mistake that Simon bunts a UK worker made.

After his card was being used to buy and download child pornography Bunz knew he was innocent of the accusations.

but he had no idea how his card information had been downloaded and used for legal purposes by someone in Indonesia rather than trying to connect the issue to a data breach from a huge online retailer.

Once waited too long and was arrested by the UK police he lost his job, his friends and his reputation and had to fight to gain his life back.

don’t ever let this happen to you if you’ve had your identity stolen. You can’t afford not to fight.

Number 2

Contact the credit card company. 

Once you’ve shut down your card and had a talk with the merchant. it’s time to call your credit card company.

You knows that the purchase was fraudulent and armed with this knowledge. you can make your case and get refunded the important thing is to make sure.

You don’t allow any time to pass between shutting down your card and contacting the company.

Packers can do an incredible amount of damage in just a short period of time when 18 year-old Gregory World died tragically his family was still grieving.

when tax time rolled around on top of their pain they had to deal with the fact that a hacker had stolen Gregory’s card info. and his identity and was filing a tax return as their dead son.

No one should ever have to with this that’s why it’s so crucial to act right away and stop thieves in their tracks.

Number 3

Hire top-notch lawyer no matter. how strong your case is having a lawyer will make all the difference credit card companies are used to dealing with fraud.

and it can take several weeks for an identity theft issue to be cleared up. 

that’s why you need to have an experienced lawyer to help you make a strong case. and get your name cleared at once we’re not lawyers.

and this shouldn’t be taken as legal advice. but if you care about protecting your money and your identity getting legal.

help is a no brainer number four don’t assume it tends there. once your fraudulent charge has been cleared up.

you can’t assume that the threat is neutralized if a hacker found your information..

Once they might be able to do it again make sure you stay on top of your credit score and dispute any changes related to the fraudulent activity.

and change all your passwords for vital logins or personal documents when it comes to hackers.

You can truly never be too careful!