How to send money with MobilePass MoneyGram


I’m sending money to my mom and little sister in Mexico.

Let me show you my way of sending money using MoneyGram mobile paths from my browser on my smartphone.

I go to from the MoneyGram mobile path start page I choose what I want to start with sending money receiving money or pay bills.

moneygram log in

I choose start sending money it asks me for my phone number I type it in and click enter.

start sending money

Now it asks me to choose a location where I can go and pay for my transfer. I type in my address to find out what the closest is to me and then I choose the one that works best for me.

your payment location

Next it asks me for the receivers information.

receivers information

Since I’m sending money to my mom I put her information here I type her first name last name and since my mom has a second last name. I choose add middle or second last name and then I choose our country and state Mexico and Jalisco.

reciever information

it asks me if I want the transfer to be cash pickup or bank account deposit I choose cash pickup.

cash pickup

Below I have a list of options where my mom can pick up the money I choose the best option for her after that I click Next.

best option moneyrgam

I type the amount I want to send to my mom in u.s. dollars. I click get total

and it shows me how much she will receive in Mexico and the feet is sent.

I click get total and after that Next.

Now it asks me for my info so I type in my first name last name and in my case I ress middle or second last name since I have a second last name I then type my date of birth month date and year I type in my email address and since I gave my phone number in the beginning.

for your security

I checked the box that my number is a cell phone.

So I can get text messages about my money transferred to my mom I type in my address city state and zip code after that I click Next.

MoneyGram wants to help me protect my money so it asked me to read an important message about scams, I click Almost Done!

I can now see a summary page with all the information I’ve entered

you are almost done!

I of course check it to make sure everything is correct to make it easier.

For next time I can create a four digit PIN passcode inputting a pin is a smart idea because it can remember my information and make it even faster.

The next time I use MoneyGram Louisville Pass I choose a four digit PIN and re-enter it to confirm my pin I click prepare transfer.

prepare transfer

and I’m all set!

Now I just follow the next steps to completing my transfer.

completing my transfer

I go to the MoneyGram location I chose save my name and pay the Amon

I’ve confirmed that’s it!

I’ve now done a money ground mobilepass transfer it saves me time.

When I go to the MoneyGram location to pay I have up to 24 hours after I’ve completed the information on the MoneyGram mobile pass to go to the MoneyGram location to complete the money transfer.

All I need to do when I arrive is say my name to the agent behind the counter.

I give the reference number to my mom I prefer to call since she prefers that my mom can now go to the MoneyGram location and pick up the money.