How to transfer money overseas with XE

transfer money with xe

XE is one of the most well known brands in currency exchange.

They are often the go-to website if you need to find the exchange rate between one currency and another. But they also offer international money transfer services.

I’m going to show you how to use them.


I’ll look at what you need to know about XE.


What you need to make a transfer with them


And the steps involved in setting up an account and making that transfer. 

How To Transfer Money Overseas Using XE

XE was founded in Canada in 1993 but began as just a currency converter. it has since grown globally and now helps more than 33,000 people make transfers internationally every year. they’re also a really secure option. they’re licensed with an Australian Financial Services license and they’re regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission.

What do you need to know about about XE?

Let’s have a look at X e in a little bit more detail.

1-Rates and Fees

The rate they will give you is generally better than what you would find from a bank. And they don’t charge a fee for making an international money transfer.

2-Online Experience

Their website can seem confusing when you first look at it. But the process for setting up an account and making a transfer is pretty simple.

3-Accesible Phone Support

They have toll-free numbers throughout different countries that you can call and they’re available for general advice within business hours.

4-Transfer Time

Keep a little bit of time up your sleeve because the transfer with XE could take a little bit longer than your bank.

What do you need to make a transfer?

Now that we know more about X e let’s have a look at exactly what you need to make an international money transfer with them.


When it comes to ID, XE generally only need your driver’s license but to be safe have a couple of forms of ID with you.

2-Payment Details

For payment, XE accept Bpay or bank transfer. So make sure you’ve got those details with you as well.

3-Funds for the Transfer

It’s important that you have the funds in your account. XE can’t make the transfer until you’ve paid them and the funds have been cleared.

4-Time (1-2 Business Day)

Finally make sure you do have time up your sleeve, it can take a few days for XE to complete the transfer so it’s important that you allow for this.

Okay that’s everything you need to know, let’s jump straight into setting up an account with XE.

To start head straight to their website. you might recognize their homepage if you’ve ever looked up exchange rates for a currency you can use their currency converter and choose the currency pair you need.

currency converter xe
Currency Converter XE

This will show you the exchange rate between the currencies you selected. When you’re ready to start setting up your account head to the right hand side and select Send Money Now

send money now xe

The next page has information about their personal and business accounts as well as the currencies they offer and their rates and fees. to begin click Get Started.

get started xe
get started

The first step will be to inform XE of your country of residence and your email address. Fill these details in and press continue.

Next up is your personal details. make sure you fill in these details accurately for security and identification reasons.


your personal details

Next step is to create your password and memorable question. Make this password unique to any other passwords that you use.

Make this password unique

Make this password unique

Now you’ll fill in the nitty-gritty details. Provide your address as it appears on your driver’s license provide your main contact number, date of birth and nationality.

nitty-gritty details

nitty-gritty details

The last part in this step is to accurately input your driver’s license details. It’s important that this is done correctly.

driver's license details

driver’s license details

You can then click “Next”

The final step in the application process is to provide information about the types of transfers you’ll be making. You’ll estimate the amount of currency you’ll transfer in the next 12 months as well as the number of transfers and the country you’ll be making the transfers from.

application process is to provide information

application process is to provide information

The last question is “How did you hear about XE?” select the most relevant to answer.

Then you’ll need to agree to their terms and conditions. 

Then open your account!

open your account

open your account

This is what your account looks like. You can set up recipients, orders and rate alerts.

setup XE
setup XE

To start a transfer select the currencies that you need, the amount and click new transfer.

 transfer select the currencies

 transfer select the currencies

Now you’ll fill in the recipient details including their name, country, address and banking details. Click “Continue

recipient details

recipient details

once you’ve filled in all of these details correctly, you’ll then need to inform XE of your payment details. XE accept bank transfers and Bpay as payment.

Once this is done you’ll confirm the rate and order. once you have confirmed the transfer you will be obligated to make payment to XE.

And that’s how you make an international money transfer with XE. 

What’s our tip for making sure you get the best exchange rate with XE?

Well, while they don’t charge an international transfer fee, they do put a margin on the exchange rate. This means that the rate you see on that home page isn’t actually the rate they give you for a transfer.

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